Our Fleet

Our current fleet consists of a single airplane: a Cessna 1964 Skyhawk 172E. It's perfect for training or for trips within the state. Flying "low and slow" you get a chance to appreciate the scenery from a new perspective that can't be found from the highway or from an airliner at 35,000 feet.

News and Updates

We have an eager new flight instructor in the area. He is a highly rated instructor and is looking forward to training as many new pilots as possible. If you’ve ever considered flying NOW is the time. Our affordable club membership is just $45/hr (wet), coupled with this very reasonably priced instructor could bring your dream of flying to fruition.

Shares for SALE!!

Good news there are 2 shares available. If you're interested please call or text 509-560-9321

!!! We are recruiting students / potential for monthly ownership if you think you can get your private pilot license quickly !!!